Logo just likes a eagle which is soaring to great heights.It also means our company's bright future.The shape of ring represents that our company is always pursuing perfect.The picture breaks the regular ring shape,highlighting the meaning of soaring to great heights. The lines in the middle of ring like the blinds’ leaves and stand for our company's management: pioneer, enterprising, practical spirits,innovation at the same time.
    Enterprise system is the norm to standardize enterprise &employee's behavior.It’s also the important part of enterprise culture.Now the system culture of Wanbao are becoming more and more perfect.
    Everyone who worked in Wanbao has a common view that the rules of Wanbao are so strict.We have established relevant regulations almost in every aspects. The new employee should firstly study“the employee regulations”,“pre-training management for staff ”at the beginning of work.Now our management are entering into be institutionalized.
    The quality is the key point of Wanbao’s success,is also the conspicuous character of Wanbao enterprise culture.
    With the enlargement of the enterprise scale, we successfully passed the ISO9002 International Quality System Verification in 1998 relying on its abundant technical strength.As its quality becoming better and better ,we also got the approval of ISO2000 in 2001.The process of carrying out the quality system is also the process of all employee joining in the quality culture.All our employee not only learn more but also participate in the management of quality control . Through the enterprise culture construction of“the quality is the first ”,every employee regard the fundamentals of“quality is the life , customer is the first”as their criterion.
    The success or not mainly depends upon the group quality,so the staff education is the key factor in our enterprise culture.We do many in this aspects,as follows:
    1.Learning law and regulation,training skills
    The centralized training ,pre-job training ,after-job training were mainly executed according to the development at different times.We also let our staff know more knowledge about law and regualation such as “labor law”,“the law of products quality”,“5s management”. At the same time ,we launch into the training as culture, safty on-job, labor protection,fire practical wisdom, labor kills and so on.
    2.Training of quality concept and quality control methods
    In order to raise the concept of quanlity , the scheme of quality training was be made .The new staff are needed to be trained so as to join their post as soon as possible. Besides the above,some experts are often invited to our company giving lectures to our leading cadre.So that the modern management can combine with regular management. Now all of our staff have a common view that “ quality is the key,customer is the first”.The training are entering into a sound progress way and more and more excellent personnel are mushrooming . As you know,the establishent of enterprise culture is the key point of modern enterprise system.It’s also the basis of existence and development of enterprise.With the innovation spirit ,we will grasp any important opportunity,let the enterprise culture of Wanbao become more and more flourishing ,liking the eagle which is soaring to great heights.
    Most of Wanbao people are non-local.The first thing we need to do is to build a home which they can settle down and work happily.So we try our best to creat a fine environment for our staff such as dining hall, dormitory, entertainment place,reading room, karaoke room, pingpong room,basketball field and so on.     
We also have a birthday party for our staff ,hold get-together party on holidays and launch some competition such as bastketball, composition,speech ,etc.